marco antonio huerta

August 27-September 19.  SPAM.

Since mid-February this year, violence related to drug trafficking has increased at an exponential rate in northeast Mexico. The impact of this phenomenon on daily life cannot be ignored. The dominant explanation (since there is no official communication from the local government) is that recent executions and mass murders are the result of an old alliance between the Gulf Cartel and the Zeta’s Cartel coming to an abrupt end. In spoken and written texts, the rumor of imminent attacks spreads and frightens citizens. Every aspect of daily life is saturated with the same information. From mass media to social networks on the Internet. From certain politician’s speeches to casual small talk between strangers on the streets. Talk about the weather is outdated. Public language throughout the northeast cities doesn’t mention anything besides this conflict and points to the same consequence: fear. SPAM will try to spread the word and bear witness to what is actually happening on ground zero, and will eventually attempt to create dialogue beyond borders and, more so, beyond the Internet, which has proved itself a traditional Institution on account of the very little help it offers amidst these tribulations.

Marco Antonio Huerta is the author of three poetry collections: La semana milagrosa (Conarte, 2006), Golden Boy (Editorial Letras de Pasto Verde, 2009), and Hay un jardín (Tierra Adentro, 2009). His work has been published in several periodicals and anthologies both in  Mexico and Spain. Born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico in 1978, where he currently teaches English, Literature, and Creative Writing. Bachelor of Communication, MA in Teaching. Member of Colectivo Perros de Agua, a group of writers and artists who promote reading among young people.